Review Policies

I am currently open to recieving books for review.  If that changes I will change my status.
I will do my best to read and review every submission I receive but please see my disclaimer below for books I will not review.  I get my pics and synopsis from either the author/author's website or
Review Process:
When I have accepted your book for review I will send you an e-mail stating that fact. 
After I have finished with your book and the review I will send you another e-mail to let you know that I have completed your review. 
I will post my reviews on Good Reads,, and Barnes and Noble.
If there are additional sites you wish me to post my review please let me know and I will do what I can to accomidate you.
I do accept e-book, but I prefer the epub format since I have a Nook.
I am working on getting a Kindle to review other books I receive as PDF or .mobi but I can use my computer if needs be but I prefer not to as I also am an author and use my computer a lot.
What I review:
Though I lean more towards the Paranormal genre I will read and review almost anything I recieve except any Childrens or Non-Fiction books.
Once again though please read my disclaimer.
Where I get my books:
I get my books from either buying it myself, getting it from the library or won. 
If I receive one any other way I will state above my review. 
Recieving a book from other means will not in any way affect my judgement on the book I reviewed. 
My Review Ratings:
I have never given a one, I hope I never have to. 

I do NOT get any monetary gain for my reviews.
I DO reserve the right to turn down any book that has any rape/incest/or animal cruelty.
I DO write reviews for adult books however I try to keep my blog family friendly, so I will only post my review for your book on other websites and not on my blog.
I DO not always follow my list straight down.  There are seperate factors for each book that I take into concideration such as having to buy it or read it on PDF.
Every review I write is based on my own opinion.  I write what I believe others will want to know about your book before they buy it.  I appologise in advance if at points my reviews seem harsh at times.
If a book needs to be reviewed by a certain time frame such as recieving an ARC, or for a Blog Tour I will do my best to accomidate you.

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  1. I like your blog - and your rules.

    I write futuristic, young-adult Sci-Fi with intentional realism. My kids (characters) are nice - but extremely exceptional people.

    If you are interested in reviewing my novel(s) the XTERRA Series, I will be willing to send them to you one at a time. You can peek here, and send me review request to I hope to inspire a new generation to excel - even if they have to swim upstream politically to do it.

    See ya round the galaxy.