Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Keeper of the Lesser Flame Review

The water deity curse affects Heather's standard of living, hopes and expectation.
But laying down her soul as a propitiatory to a witch turns around her situation, mortgaging the future.

     I received this book for reviewing from the author.  It in no way affected my review.  I wanted so much to give this book a high rating.  It is the authors first novel and in some ways it was very obvious. 
     I liked the idea of the book and in many respects it wasn't a bad book.  Keeper of the Lesser Flame has a really good storyline.  I have read many books and none had a feeling like this one.  It was like a thriller book with a happy ending.
     Unfortunately it was very flawed.  From editing and time jumps it is very obvious this is Damilola's first book.  I personally don't mind editing errors (though I do notice them) but I do mind time jumps without any way they got to the point that they are at.  For example *spoiler* Heather suddenly got married and had two kids when the last thing before that she didn't want anything to do with the guy.*spoiler end*
     I needed more visualization for me to enjoy the book more but even with the lower review I didn't hate it.  I give this book an Adult rating for strong sex scenes.

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